Calendar Events for 2016

Inclement Weather Policy

If the weather is bad on your lesson day, you alone decide whether or not to come.  Do not follow the school-closing policies.  The schools have to call in the weather closings in the early morning.  Frequently, by the late afternoon or evening, the weather is entirely different than it was in the morning;  therefore, rather than cancel your once-a-week lesson, we will have lessons.  If you can get here, we are here.  You decide whether you feel safe in coming.  If you decide not to come, please call us.  This is especially helpful if you are Jill’s student.  Jill does have to travel to get here, so please, anytime you are not coming, let her know.  Jill’s phone is 301-537-0512.  Thanks.

2017 – 2018

Aug. 6 – 12  No lessons

Aug. 20 – 26  No lessons

Sept. 4 – 8  No Lessons

Oct. 9 – 13  No Lessons

Nov. 20 – 24  No Lessons

Nov. 27 or 28  Group Lessons  Sign up in the studio.

Dec. 9  Studio Duet Recital  4:00 p.m.  Christ Reformed Church 12 South Church St., Middletown 21769

Dec. 21 – Jan 3  Winter Break  No Lessons

Jan 29 or 30  Group Lessons  Sign up in the studio.

Feb. 19 – 23  No Lessons

Mar. 12 – 16  No Lessons

April 9 – 13  No Lessons

April 23 or 24  Group Lessons  Sign up in the studio.

May 12  Studio Solo Recital  TBA  4:00

May 14 – 18  No Lessons

June 25 – 29  No Lessons

July 2 – 6  No Lessons

July 30 or 31  Group Lessons  Sign up in the studio

Aug. 13 – 17  No Lessons

Any holiday not listed above will be a regular teaching day.